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Contact Gravel Watch Ontario:  
    info@gravelwatch.org  (905) 659-5417   Fax (905) 659-5416

Mailing address:
    Gravel Watch Ontario
    c/o Lawson Park Ltd, Box 15, RR#1, Freelton ON  L0R 1K0

    Graham Flint President
    Tony Dowling Vice President
    Kathy White Treasurer / Secretary
    Ric Holt President Emeritus

Join Gravel Watch Ontario: Both groups and individuals can join Gravel Watch Ontario.  If you agree with our mission statement please request membership. Fill in and email our membership application .

Logo for Gravel Watch Ontario:  The logo for Gravel Watch Ontario is the red-tailed hawk, so familiarly seen soaring the skies of Ontario. The hawk has a bird's eye view of the land, and it represents the sustaining beauty, power and grace of our environment. Barry Kent MacKay has generously let us use his painting of a red-tailed hawk for our logo. Barry is a Canadian artist/writer/naturalist. His column, Nature Trail, was published weekly in The Toronto Star for 25 years. He has illustrated A Field Guide to the Birds of the Galapagos, written and illustrated The Birdwatcher's Companion and Bird Sounds, and his artwork and writing have appeared in other books, magazines, ornithological journals and newspaper articles. He is currently Canadian Representative of the Animal Protection Institute, based in Sacramento, California. His work has taken him to Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America and throughout much of North America.