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Statistics on Ontario Gravel 


Spreadsheet of all Ontario gravel pits/quarries, January 2010, extracted from MNR by Gravel Watch Ontario.  For any Ontario pit/quarry, you can find out its location, maximum annual haulage, license owner information and licensed area.

MNR interactive maps of pits and quarries with basic statistics .

TOARC (The Ontario Aggregate Resources Corporation) is a prime source for annual statistics on gravel haulage per Ontario district/township, with some figures on rehabilitation.  See their annual production reports.  TOARC is wholly financed by the Ontario government and wholly owned by OSSGA, Ontario's gravel industry group and lobbyist.

Aggregate Resources of Southern Ontario, A State of the Resource Study, 1992, MNR publication.  This report has much valuable information, but is old, and takes a highly industrial point of view.  It is not available on-line.

SAROS 2009-2010: State of Aggregate Resources Ontario Study.  Please click "SAROS" in left column.