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  7. Laws & Gravel
  8. Noise.  Ontario law prohibits excess noise.  See also older treatment of Noise below
    1. MNR MOE
    2. Steps to control noise Check out noise Who to complain to How to complain Follow up
    3. EPA, Ontario noise guidelines, limits on noise in Ontario
  9. Logo for Gravel Watch Ontario
  10. Contact.  President, join us
  11. Original Gravel Watch website
    1. Citizen Comment on Ontario Municipal Board. The OMB: How well does it work?
    2. Provincial Policy Statement. Gravel Watch comments on the Ontario PPS.
    3. Press Coverage.
    4. Provincial Audit. Gravel Watch requests audit of gravel trust

a.       Press release

b.      Actual request to Provincial Auditor to audit trust

c.       Indenture creating the Trust with schedule and amendment

    1. Rehabilitation of Ontario Pits. Ministry to carry out study requested by Gravel Watch.

a.       Short summary of Request to investigate rehabilitation

b.      Long summary of Request to investigate rehabilitation

                                                                                             i.            New excavation each year: Rehabilitation rapidly falling behind

                                                                                           ii.            Ontario law and rehabilitation: Aggregate Resources Act

                                                                                          iii.            Who's who in Ontario aggregates: MNR & APAO

                                                                                         iv.            What has been said about the rehabilitation problem: MNR & APAO

                                                                                           v.            Annual production statistics: Only modest changes

                                                                                         vi.            Licensed area statistics: Only modest changes

                                                                                        vii.            Per capita consumption of aggregates: Ontario vs US vs UK

                                                                                      viii.            Urban sprawl: Highways & houses

                                                                                         ix.            Haulage levy: Tax on trucking

                                                                                           x.            Liquidating rehabilitation deposits: Eliminating incentive to rehabilitate

c.       Text of Request. Request to the Environmental Commissioner (ECO) and for MNR.

d.      Complaint about lack of accountability of TOARC (The Ontario Aggregate Resources Corporation)

    1. Ontario Pits: Case Studies
    2. Ontario Citizens' Coalitions
    3. Resolutions and Studies
    4. Ontario and Canadian Environmental Associations. FON, CELA, SLDF, Pembina ...
    5. Glossary, Abbreviations, Government Units, etc.

a.       People to contact at MNR

b.      People to contact at MOE

    1. Ontario Aggregate Lobbyists and Industry Organizations.  APAO (now called OSSGA), TOARC
    2. Gravel Magazines

a.       Aggregates and Road Building. Canada's "Rock to Road Magazine".

b.      Pit & Quarry. A U.S. Magazine. Their web page has lists of pit associations and aggregate producers.

c.       More magazines.

    1. USA. USA gravel trade organizations, etc.
    2. UK. UK has a policy to minimize use of gravel and thereby to have relatively high haulage rates. Also, see UK aggregate industry organizations.
    3. Noise. Dealing with excessive noise in Ontario.   See also newer treatment of noise above.