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Good news!  Ontario law prohibits excess noise. The unpleasant loud noises produced by the processing and transporting of rock and gravel in aggregate operations (gravel pits and quarries) are one of the most severe environmental impacts that nearby residents have to endure on a continuing basis. The good news is that all Ontario citizens have legal rights to limit that noise, and if you are patient you can force aggregate operators to keep the noise levels at or below those limits.

To control noise, register a complaint.  Residents living near aggregate operations can control the excess noise by registering a complaint with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) or with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE). The ministry you first register your complaint with depends on the type of aggregate operation and where it is located in Ontario. For details see Steps to Control Excess Noise

Noise is limited by the law (the EPA) with its regulations and guidelines. The Ontario Environmental Protection Act (EPA), Section 14, limits the loudness of noises that can be emitted by aggregate operations by day and by night. In Ontario the limits for the maximum noise levels that can be emitted by aggregate operations are specified in the government noise guidelines (more specifically) NPC 232 (publication 3405e) (Rural) and NPC 205 (Urban) (publication 3406e). For details see Limits on Noise in Ontario.